Recruitment lingo you need to be familiar with

Published on Thu, 17 Mar 2016 in


Navigating the jargon-packed landscape of recruitment agencies isn’t easy is it? It can start to feel a little soul destroying that you’ve taken the plunge and left full-time, permanent employment, only to be scuppered at the final hurdle by incomprehensible agency speak that all feels a bit like a conspiracy. But don’t worry, as we have put together some translations of the most common phrases that bamboozle and dishearten! See if you have heard any of these!

“We’ve found the perfect role for you” – This sounds pretty self-explanatory doesn’t it? Your designated contact has obviously found a role that you are qualified for, that pays what you have stated you want and is within a commutable distance, so why are these roles always filled by the time you are encouraged to submit an application? In reality, there might have been a job that was 75% suitable, but that’s gone and now you will be overwhelmed with phone calls and emails about positions that you are absolutely not interested in. Be firm about your requirements and make it clear you will not be compromising on them and to only contact you when something suitable comes up.

“What’s the lowest salary you would accept?” – NEVER give your actual lowest figure, as whatever you say, you will be put forward for jobs that fall well short, just to make application target numbers. Always try to add a minimum of £3k (£5k in London) to your very base expectation and go from there. It’s extremely rare that your consultant will ever secure you the top end of the pay spectrum for a role, so you need to make sure you’re not going to be shortchanged. 

“I’m chasing for feedback!” – Often as not, this will mean that you haven’t been successful. For temporary roles, in particular, clients will be keen to register interest in someone and get them booked into the role, so if you don’t hear back by the morning after an interview and when you call in you are told this, get ready to keep applying! Job-hunting can be nothing more than a numbers game, so apply for as many roles as you can bear to and something should come off.

Of course there will be some straight talking, no-nonsense recruitment agencies out there, but to be sure that you are with the best one for your needs, do a little research, see who your peers and colleagues have used before and tell them you prefer the honest approach when you register!