Are you online or old hat?

Published on Wed, 16 Mar 2016 in


We’ve spoken before about the importance of being internet-savvy and tuned in to all the relevant social media platforms, but did you take heed? With more and more small businesses going under, it’s those that refuse to swim with the tide that are being washed up on the shores of unemployment.

While you might not totally see the value in having an online presence, you absolutely must stay current if you want to continue enjoying the perks of self-employment. It’s no good resting on your laurels or thinking that you’ve been doing well enough up to now, as it’s when complacency sets in that you will find yourself being usurped by a newer, brighter company that offers online service options and information for the technology-focused generations that are doing the hiring now.

Let’s say that you are a self-employed engineer and that every contract you carry out is different and unique to a specific client and their needs. You might think that there is nothing specific that you could put on a website, but you’d be very wrong! What you should be focusing on is compiling an accessible, online portfolio, so that potential clients can see what kind of tasks you have taken on in the past, your skill levels and what clients have to say about you and your services. It’s not all about having a stock pricelist you know!

It’s worrying how many small businesses and sole traders don’t think they need or could make use of a professional website. If a potential client hears about you and looks online to see if there are any reviews or an up to date website and finds nothing, what impression do you think that gives? Even worse is a really old fashioned and hard to navigate website! To stay current, relevant and attractive to clients, make sure that you have a simple website that you can easily add updates to yourself (to keep costs down) and be sure to at least have a profile on all the major social media platforms. Trust us, you’ll thank us in the end, when you land a huge new client who went online, found you and discovered your email address and phone number to make initial contact.

The Internet is not a passing fad, it is here to stay, so make sure your business is too, by being on it!